An Upscale Downsize – Renovation, Interior Design, Custom Upholstery

When the Kinlochs moved into their ocean view White Rock home 12 years ago, they weren’t sure how long they’d stay.

“We had just downsized from acreage in Grandview Heights, and had chosen White Rock so we could be closer to the local high school.”

Their home, which sits on a picturesque corner lot in the heart of the East Beach area, had been owned by a pottery artist and was decorated in a Spanish-Mexican style, with dark terracotta and ochre-coloured rooms.

The Kinlochs decided to start by updating the paint and decor, and contacted The Curtain Call. “We had heard about Joan through friends. She helped us choose colours and arrange furniture. These small changes made a big difference right away.”

When their son graduated high school five years later, Kathy and Kirk decided to stay in the home and neighbourhood they had grown to love. A major renovation was in order, however, and without hesitation they called The Curtain Call again to enlist Joan’s expert help.

Explains Joan, “We wanted to create a timeless space whose look could be changed seasonally with a few accessories. The Kinlochs also wanted a home in which they could entertain friends.” The entire home, except the kitchen, underwent a complete transformation with new furniture, window coverings, fixtures, flooring and paint.

Starting with photos Kathy had pulled from decorating magazines, Joan worked closely with the Kinlochs to design the space they truly desired. Using a few select and meaningful pieces chosen from the Kinlochs’ existing furniture and artwork as a leaping off point, Joan and her team created neutral but elegant and inviting living spaces.

“Joan also took the time to integrate the pieces that held a lot of meaning for us,” says Kathy. “This is probably what was the most special and significant for me about this renovation.”

The ensuite was your typical 1980’s style bathroom: pinkish builder tiles, a boxy built-in soaker tub and a dark, enclosed shower. Using natural materials like 12” x 24” porcelain floor tiles, a quartz countertop and dark walnut cabinets, Joan created a serene and calm retreat. Adding to the bathroom’s feeling of space and openness is a luxurious stand-alone soaker tub and a frameless glass shower stall.

The walkout basement was also redesigned so the Kinlochs had a space in which to relax and unwind away from the home’s main floor. What had been a teenagers’ haven was transformed into a functional, casual space that is now used year-round. A fireplace was inset with natural stone and framed with a clean cut wood surround, offering warmth in the cool winter months. A full-featured kitchen with stainless steel appliances, quartz counters and wood grain cabinets opens to a private outdoor patio, making it an ideal space for summer cooking and barbeques.

“We were working so much with Joan and The Curtain Call, at times it felt like we were living together,” recalls Kathy with a laugh. “Sometimes Joan or Diann (Joan’s assistant) were here several times a day.” Because both Kathy and Kirk work full-time, meetings were always focused, efficient and productive, but never rushed. “In all the years I’ve worked with Joan, I’ve never felt like there was another client more important than us,” adds Kathy.

Three years later, in 2013, the Kinlochs embarked on a third and final round of renovations to the main floor kitchen, which was tired and outdated. For this project, the Kinlochs turned their keys over to Joan—literally. While Kathy and Kirk vacationed in Portugal, Joan transformed their dated, maple kitchen into the warm, sophisticated space it is today in just two weeks.

According to Kathy, “Joan already knew our style from having done the large reno, so I trusted her to make many of the decisions for us.” A taupe-grey quartz countertop extends around the u-shaped kitchen and island, and is complimented by a gleaming glass tile backsplash. Off-white cabinets, some inset with glass, and square nickel pulls with a wave motif, complete the new look.

“I wouldn’t change a thing,” enthuses Kathy. She smiles and adds, “I believe that creative, talented people like Joan do their best work when they are given a bit of room.”